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1. About Zco Corporation Visit Website

Zco Corporation is a custom development company which is rooted in Nashua, USA since 1989. Our specialization is mobile applications, software, and 3D animation development. The company hires more than 300 qualified workers who create effective products for business founders all over the world.

Zco is one of the biggest app development corporations in the world that’s why we deliver the best result possible. We are fond of creating unique and impressive ideas to cheer our customers. Our experience plus technology usage help to solve business problems and conquer your company’s success.

2. Zco Corporation Services:

  • Custom Mobile App Development

Smartphone, tablet, wearable, hybrid and mobile game app development

We create all types of mobile applications for iOS, Android, Windows, and Wearables.

  • Enterprise Software Solutions

Front and back end, web and desktop

We offer web apps from the scratch for Java, PHP and .Net

  • Animation Services

2D, 3D, character rigging and augmented reality

We develop creative assets for websites, product demo versions, training and videos.

3. Zco Corporation Development Process

You can get a free consultation if you think that software is what your company lacks. We are opened to discuss the subject and provide several ideas to create the right app that will increase the success of your business. Our team of account executives and project managers will offer you a concept of the app and its functional abilities. If you agree with our idea, we start the process of work which will be supported with feedbacks until the development is done. You can find rates of app development by visiting the FAQ page on our site.


One thought on “Zco Corporation

  1. Oliver

    ZCO Corporation sounded very promising on the pre-development step of our cooperation. We were satisfied with communication but before the contact had been signed and pre-payment made. Immediately after that something went wrong, we felt the lack client-centric approach in every day cooperation progress. The e-mails were answerless for days and finally it obviously reflected the result. First step of testing progress showed that we have numerous remarks to implement. We wanted to have the full-service, besides got the raw app

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