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1. About Yalantis Visit Website

Yalantis is a team of experts who deal with developing mobile applications and providing services for their customers over the period of the entire cooperation. Yalantis partners with businesses of any size. Yalantis brand is very well-known among companies from the United States, Germany, Denmark, Norway and Ukraine. Core aspects of the work of Yalantis is development of modern audio, video and graphics for Android and iOS-based and wearable devices. In their approach to clients they focus on delivery of suitable solutions specially customized to clients’ requirements.

Yalantis has been developing apps since 2008, and it has acquired a good reputation in the market of mobile technologies. Their team consists of more than 200 devoted professionals. Each employee is valuable this is why they receive a good payment for their work, on average, 35 US Dollars per hour.

2. Yalantis Services

Yalantis build applications for mobile platforms based on operational systems iOS and Android. For their customers they offer a number of services. Yalantis watch the quality at every phase of the development process. Services they provide include:

  • Development of an application based on the idea, including working-through the idea and the approach;
  • Preparation of different versions of bright and striking design for application. Yalantis aims to foresee the reaction of end-users to the app. They treat the creation of the graphics a very accurate puzzle – all the tiny details should make a beautiful picture in the end.
  • Development of website for the application;
  • Building various web services for applications;
  • Control of the quality by means of thorough testing;
  • Advancement of the customer’s products;
  • Further technical support and updates;
  • Research of the market and the competition. After the survey of the market Yalantis offers their customers best possible strategies to sell their applications.

3. Yalantis Development Process

At Yalantis, they enjoy making everything clean and structured. The same concerns the process of development. They do it in 5 steps.

Step 1: all the basic information about the future app is being collected: general idea, desired characteristics, devices for operation of the app and the deadline of the process. And approximate estimations are done.

Step 2: this is when the planning of the project starts. Yalantis’s group of developers drafts technical requirements, create the basic design, collect users’ experience, as well as produce a detailed evaluation.

Step 3: this step is the actual beginning of the development of the application. The process is based on several important principles: productivity, transparency, communication and flexibility. Once the demo version is ready, Yalantis make testing, collect feedbacks.

Step 4: this is when the application is finally released.

Step 5: after release of the product Yalantis proceeds to providing support for their customers by maintaining the software, updating the application, improving the app and its design.


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