Y Media Labs

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1. About Y Media Labs Visit Website

Y Media Labs introduces a team of dedicated developers, designers, programmers, testers and marketers always ready to exceed your expectations as well as bring your every idea to life. Every time you come up with an idea of building an award-winning product for mobile platforms but do not have the slightest chance to implement your ideas, Y Media Labs is here to help.

Y Media Labs has already managed to establish a long-term and efficient collaboration with some leading enterprises in the niche. Its work and contribution have been marked by such huge names for the mobile industry like Apple, TechCrunch and some others.

The company was founded in 2008 and has a huge development experience in addition to up to 1,000 of professional employees who are proven experts in their fields.

2. Y Media Labs Services

Y Media Labs offers full-scale services to its every customer ensuring 100% clients’ satisfaction and project success. Our experts will stress the things you have never paid attention to. It has all become possible due to:

  • In-Depth Analysis and Competitive Research;
  • Insights delivered to the target audience;
  • Learning from the main competitors;
  • Following the latest mobile market trends;
  • Effective marketing Campaigns and promotion Strategies.

The company delivers the following set of effective services:

  • UI/UX Design;
  • Architecture;
  • Testing and Prototyping;
  • Promotion and Marketing.

3. Y Media Labs Development Process

Every company features its own development process. Y Media Labs is not an exception. Over the years, we have been implementing probably the most efficient structure that involves:

  • Discovering of your main priorities and purposes. We try to understand your goals and b in your shoes. This is the only way to meet your requirements;
  • Defining the key rivals in the niche and learn their best features to offer something better;
  • Creating the list of technical specifications and their implementation in the project’s beta-version.
  • Testing and launching the final version of the app;
  • Submitting, app promotion and marketing.

We will let you reach your target audience and boost rankings.


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