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1. About XCubeLabsVisit Website

XCubeLabs is the company the specialty if which is building mobile solutions. It launched its activity in 2008.

As of today, the company employs over 200 talented people, and pays them an average hourly rate of 35 US Dollars.

They possess a deep knowledge and a broad-scale experience in the sphere of mobile industry. Many of the applications designed by XCubeLabs were awarded the status of No. 1 in App Store and application of the week.

They have accomplished a lot of successful projects for leading enterprises and startups. In their approach to work they are guided by well-defined methodology, conduct of research and analyses, build of superior designs.

2. XCubeLabs Services

The list of the services provided by XCubeLabs is long, and it includes:

Digital transformation: this is consulting and directing the customer in to the right direction in the digital market;

Strategy: means helping the customer boost their position in the market by assisting them in development of ever-changing products;

Gaming: XCubeLabs carry out development of games that are high in the ratings.

Mobile: being expert in mobile industry, having built more than 700 applications, having worked with multiple platforms, XCubeLabs help their customers create companies that grow extremely fast.

Marketing: means to build an app that gathers huge number of downloads, but what it more important help it reach the next level.

Cloud: by implementing their development strategy based on cloud, cloud migration and creating internet platforms, XCubeLabs make their customer’s business noticed by many users.

Design: the team of XCubeLabs intuitively realizes what the customer need; this is why they create human-costumed and all-of-a-piece interfaces.

Cross platform: if there is a challenge of diversity of devices or fragmentation of the platform, XCubeLabs help building cross platform applications.

Testing: to secure high performance and reliability of the application, the testing is carried out on real devices.

Analytics: years-long experience of cooperation with companies form different industries allows XCubeLabs deliver specific industry oriented solution that opens various opportunities for customers.

Content management: means building a solid strategy for management of content that will allow storing and managing it the best way.

XCubeLabs also provide: services for wearables, business process management, device integration, smart TV, internet of things, etc.

3. XCubeLabs Development Process.

Development process in XCubeLabs includes building of several initial versions of the product to be sure the system operates properly. They divide the entire procedure into 8 stages, which are as follows:

Stage 1 – they research and analyze the business;

Stage 2 – clickable model is used to present the project. The approved version, when defined, is provided by web link.

Stage 3 – XCubeLabs makes estimation of the project scope, its cost and time of delivery.

Stage 4 – they present several optional graphic designs.

Stage 5 – XCubeLabs start doing the development of the app.

Stage 6 – various types of testing are carried out.

Stage 7 – the application is being launched.

Stage 8 – they deliver assistance and optimization.


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