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1. About WillowTreeVisit Website

Willow tree was formed in 2007 and has performed successfully at the market since then. For the years of work the company expanded in scale and now they have over 200 in their team who are united by the same idea. Willow Tree is known to be among the most popular and trusted partners in regard to mobile applications, this is why working gives a unique experience of every employee. Willow Tree offer comfortable working conditions and attract people by good salaries.

At Willow Tree they develop mobile applications for any platform, always watching new technologies. The extensive range of services they deliver is good for small and big firms. The company has special offers to enterprise companies and ECommerce. Customers’ packages include building strategies, development of apps and designs, security guarantee, etc.

2. Willow Tree Services

Services one can be delivered at Willow Tree are the following:

Willow Tree has a full range of services to offer their customers.

Development of applications based on Android and iOS: using their knowledge about the fortes of iOS and Android they generate amazing solutions that possess high-performance, are safe and expedient.

Development of Web Apps: they develop web and mobile web apps, as well as mobile-customized and native – wrapped sites adjusted to every device.

UX Strategy: assistance in making things clear about the type of apps a client wants.

UX design: every screen developed by Willow Tree will bring an exclusive user experience which, in turn, will promote the business.

Xamarin development: to build applications that perform like native once Willow Tree use their UX design knowledge and development with platform of Xamarin.

Analytics: to ensure the collected data throughout the project is the right data Willow Tree involves the analytics expert.

Security and compliance: mobile security is not something one should neglect. Willow Tree takes care of the protection of their customer’s business information.

Mobile backend engineering: skillful team of Willow Tree created solutions tailored to the requirements of their client’s products.

 3. Willow Tree Development Process

Market of mobile applications is the place where changes happen very often. The number of competitors in the arena is constantly increasing. Choosing the right approach in the course of development of the application is what will make it visible in the market. To develop a successful application Willow Tree takes these 7 steps:

Step 1: understanding customer’s idea and preparation of specific papers.

Step 2: creating patters for every screen and building the application framework.

Step 3: development of the general concept and graphic by designers of the company.

Step 4: start of actual development.

Step 5: ensuing the quality of the application by testing.

Step 6: checking and fixing in case of any imperfection.

Step 7: submitting the product to the application store.


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