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1. About Thoughtbot Visit Website

The market of new goods, services and companies is constantly growing, so the competition becomes more intense and requires lots of skills to stay afloat. If the company feels uncertain, has some issues in problem solving and wants to reduce costs, may be the right fit.

Thoughtbot  team consists of nearly 90 specialists, operating from New York, San Francisco, Denver, Austin, Philadelphia, Raleigh, Portland and Stockholm. This thoughtbot review wants to give the customers a chance to learn more about the company.

2. Thoughtbot Services

All the team members help their clients to feel safe and secure, not depending whether they operate from thoughtbot san francisco, thoughtbot London or any other city. This review wanted to have a careful look at the services they provide:

  • Mobile development

This review wants to emphasize the importance of mobile apps, because they became a part of our everyday life and creation of a catchy, interesting and useful app can promote your business rapidly!

A big bonus for Thoughtbot is that they do not use any third-party platforms, which implies flexibility and readiness to adopt all new Apple technologies when building iOS apps. Android apps are written on Java and all the stages are carefully monitored so that the final result will be able to overcome customer’s expectations.

  • Web development

It is difficult to imagine a prospering company without a website, so provides services of creating websites on various languages but strongly recommend Ruby/Rails as it is secure and can deliver stable products for a lower cost of ownership. This Thoughtbot review gives an overall insight into programming languages and you can familiarize with other web development services on their website.

  • Design services provides a wide range of design services to make sure the app is user-friendly. They include design sprints and prototyping to understand the users’ needs, and usability testing, which is conducted after a thorough research. The interface is always clear and understandable.

3. Thoughtbot Development Process

With the help of this review we want to give you an overall idea what steps are completed in order to deliver high quality services by professionals in such offices as Thoughtbot Boston, New York and others.

On the first two stages works with the client to create the idea and specification which would meet the overall goals and ideas. Then the team produces app’s icons, graphics and other elements, while developers work on the app itself. When everything is ready thoughtbot testing is conducted to make sure that everything works perfectly. If some bugs arise, the team fixes them and submits the app to the app store. When it is already launched, the client is ready to enjoy the benefits the app can offer.

The company is well-known worldwide and delivers high-quality services, considering all the demands and wishes of the client. We hope that this Thoughtbot review was useful and you had a chance to learn more about the company.


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