PhD Labs

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1. About PhD Labs Visit Website

PhD Labs is a leading American app development company that first provided their service in 1998. The founder of the streaming corporation is Robert Patrick who began from developing software for different companies. However, he was looking for a more determined form of business, so this is how the PhD Labs team was gathered. Now the company is focused mainly on applications for mobile phones.

We are proud to say that our company has been ranked by Clutch and Best Web Design Agencies sites. We provide a really helpful support and always reach the expected result to continue satisfying our customers’ needs.

 2. PhD Labs Services:

We have been creating custom applications and software for the world’s biggest companies for the last 25 years. Our main characteristic is innovation and we are ready to prove it to you.

  • Mobile Apps

If you already know how your next application should look, tell us and we will make it real. However, we can create enthralling apps for Android and iOS from the scratch. We will help you to build a smart application for entertainment or official business purposes.

  • Web Apps

Our high level of app’s implementation allows us to match the requirements. We have done great web apps for the largest companies in the world by creating exciting start-ups.

  • App Marketing

After tailoring and developing the application, we will make it popular on the most popular social platforms.

3. PhD Labs Development Process

The considered process of work process has helped us to issue thousands of apps for our clients. Here you can look through 3 stages each app goes through to become demanding.

  • Designing

We compose informational architecture of the application after learning your business needs. We use advanced technologies to match the highest quality level.

  • Building

The second phase of the work implementation is coding, programming, and testing the app.

  • Launching

The final stage is issuing the well-done application. We get the app to the market and make it available for customers. This step will deliver the desired result to your business.


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