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1. About Mobiversal Visit Website

Mobiversal is a Romanian mobile app development company that has offices in several big cities. The business has started back in 2011 and now its success depends on almost 50 qualified employees. Mobiversal works with clients from 15 countries and creates applications that match the customers’ budget. The fantastic team of managers, software developers, and designers offers a unique development of apps for Android and IOS.

Our main details in the work process are based on strategy invention and deduction, business crafting, user purchase, and popularity growth. If you expect to get more than the application, but a smart functioning business, we look forward to listening to your needs.

2. Mobiversal Services:

  • Add Up Strategy

We combine your idea and our experience to create a high-quality product to match your requirements

  • Mob UI/UX design

When it comes to the app’s design, we use our best attempts to craft each detail

  • Mobile App Development

We form entertaining and business aiming applications to solve your company’s task

  • Backend Construction

Each crafted app will be matched with state of the art server

  • Issuing

We submit the ready app to the various stores, so it can gain the popularity and reputation

  • App Presentation

We create a 100% compatible web site to present the information about the application

3. Mobiversal Development Process

The key elements of the efficient app development

  • Discovery

We cooperate with customers in order to clearly understand their needs and vision. The Mobiversal team creates concepts that will lead to producing app by overcoming the challenges.

  • Features

We choose the specific features for the product and test how they will affect the app’s productivity. We create wireframes to set the structure of the application.

  • Design

Our talented designers know how to make a first impression. The design will be based on wireframes to display the sense of the app on the screen in the nearest future.

  • Progress

The process of the web or mobile application development allows customers to review the work and check what stage the process is at.

  • Quality Warranty

We will test the app after each stage to improve its functioning. Once the work implementation is done, we will prepare a Beta Build.

  • Start off

When the app is ready for launch, we will submit it to the App Store or give you recommendations according to distributing it yourself.

  • Assistance

We offer each client 3 months fixing period without extra charge. We provide maintenance that includes updates, and a new version of the app.


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