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1. About Metova Visit Website

The professional company Metova was found in 2006 (Franklin, Tennessee, USA). During first two years, there were only 10 employees. However, the company has got about 150 professionals that support their customers and provide team work for the best result at the moment.

John Adams acquired the company to improve its abilities and attract more customers. Nowadays, Metova expanded to four locations: Franklin, Washington, Augusta, and Cabot. The team is satisfied with their efforts and it is not a problem for the company to adapt to changes and different requirements. We use the latest technologies that help us to create best Android, iOS, and BlackBerry applications.

The market considers us a veteran in developing apps for mobile phones. We try to follow the newest ideas and technologies in order to impress our customers. Our team builds brilliant apps based on a strategy, design, development, quality insurance, and clients support.

2. Metova Services:

  • Custom iPad and iPhone application

Our company offers to design and develop applications for the largest companies. iPad and iPhone app building is our main task at the moment. The development of applications for iOS platform, allows our customer to receive effective and interesting online solutions.

  • Completely custom Android Applications

Metova creates high-quality applications for smartphones and tablets that gain huge popularity. We often receive orders to create Android app, therefore, our customers receive unique ideas every week.

  • Original Web Applications

Even when we create the application for a mobile device, it still includes some web details. We have a big experience in building responsive web apps, APIs, websites, and management systems. It is very convenient to order creating apps for different devices and platforms to spread the information about the product fast.

3. Metova Development Process

  • Idea

We will offer you a convincing strategy to create a successful project for your business.

  • Design

Your users’ attention needs an impressive app’s design. We are going to create a magnificent interface that will assure a great result.

  • Development

Metova creates and improves mobile and web application that will separate your company from competitors.

  • Testing

Our professional team predicts and solves problems before issuing the application.

  • Training

Suggest a smart aspiring coder and we will prove that he/she can be an expert in your new company’s application.

  • Support

We offer constant support, which includes app updating and fixing problems.


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