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1. About IntellectsoftVisit Website

When one need his mobile and web applications developed Intellectsoft is considered a credible partner delivering a full suite of services at all stages of their work. They know the secrets of cooperation with both newly formed firms and experienced businesses worldwide. The team of Intellectsoft would engage themselves in building apps for such platforms as Windows, Android, iOS and HTML5. For the products they also offer integration, marketing and technical servicing.

Since being established in 2007, Intellectsoft has served more than 300 clients and facilitated them in finding first-rate solutions for their businesses. 7 representative offices with over 300 experts of Intellectsoft work on a global basis.

2. Intellectsoft Services

Constant self-improvement is a characteristic feature of this company. They do not miss a chance to apply innovative approach to the next project and the eventual result is always satisfactory and income bearing. Intellectsoft is able to build an application for major platforms as Windows, iOS, Android, HTML5 and hybrid. Among their clients are start-up firms that seek a real breakthrough for their ideas, as well as notorious companies who wish to engage fresh audience and create a new course of revenues.

Cooperation can be started with using a consultation service. With Intellectsoft’s assistance a company will have a chance to boost effectiveness by improved the procedures, enhance experience of users, improve systems, open new horizons for their business, etc.

They deliver services in development of web, development of Android and iOS-based mobile applications. A customer can also be assisted in generating enterprise solutions (including preparation of papers with requirements, restructuring of business processes, coding, quality control, integration of system). Their SMB services include building mobile apps, web design and games.

If a customer needs support and maintenance with their products they will receive productivity boost and enhancement of services which use software of various systems.

3. Intellectsoft Development Process

Intellectsoft likes to have things properly organized. It also applies to the development process, which consists of such tasks:

1. To undertake the analyzes and research of the customer business;

2. To build a clickable pilot model of the product. Then, proceed to providing a web blink with the final version.

3. To conduct the entire project review: assess its scope, deadline and cost.

4. To work out several raw drafts of the graphic design.

5. To actually proceed to the development of the app.

6. To deploy the application.

7. To continue with improvement and support.


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