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1. About Infinum Visit Website

This review is created to introduce the customers to, an agency, which specializes in mobile and web development. They have 100 employees in 3 offices with the headquarters in Zagreb. Infinum Zagreb was founded in 2005 and provides services to big banks and corporations, insurance companies and all other types of enterprises, who need a high-quality app or website. We hope that our infinum review will be useful to potential clients and other users.

2. Infinum Services:

In this infinum review we will introduce you the main services, which are quite impressive and multipurpose:

  • Infinum provides customers with prototypes based on their personal needs and goals, which can be later used to create real apps. The model combines all required elements and is used to see how it can behave under certain circumstances.
  • In this review we want to emphasize how important the graphical side of the app is. Infinum Zagreb strives to provide first-class services and generate beautiful and original design, which will make the app stand out from the crowd.
  • User experience design, which aims to make the process of using the app simple and intuitive. A team of Infinum designers and developers works hard to deliver software, which can be user-friendly and highly-developed at the same time.

3. Infinum Development Process

In this infinum review we will describe main stages of development process.

Everything starts with a discussion of the main idea and goals of the project.

When everything is discussed, the management team builds a strategy and shares it with the client, so that his notes can be taken into account beforehand.

A team of designers will do everything possible to make the app attractive and beautiful, based on the market research and client’s wishes.

When all these stages are completed, a team of developers creates the app according to all the guidelines. In this review we couldn’t help but note the tight bond between the team members, and their sense of humor.

All these small things contribute to the final aim and a successful result. When the app is tested and all the bugs are fixed, the project is launched. continues providing services to support the app and help it work perfectly.

This infinum review showed how works and what their main objectives are. It is an experienced company, based on friendship, trust and constant improvement, which leads to successful implementation of projects.

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