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1. About EsecForte Visit Website

EsecForte is a Global Consulting and IT Services company that started to cooperate with first clients back in 2010. The company has a head office in New Delhi, India and a development center in Bangalore, India. Our team consists of certified professionals, who are passionate about app development and management. Also, we have a great team of consultants, who deliver the necessary information to the clients all over the world. We are ready to bring the right solution to your business and make it grow fast among competitors.

2. EsecForte Services

EsecForte believes that changing technology will bring the asset to your business. We have an agile work process, but we are structured. We are full of ideas to offer our clients. We use top solutions to have better relationship with our customers. Our experience in cooperating with a big number of clients all over the world helps us to achieve great results. We provide creating and developing user-friendly applications on any topic: business and entertainment themed. We look forward to engineering a unique and effective application for you.

3. EsecForte Development Process

  • Discovery

We work and communicate with customers to understand their needs. The EsecForte team creates ideas that will lead to producing app by fighting the challenges.

  • Features

We pick the specific features for the product and check how they will affect the app’s productivity. We create wireframes to set a smart structure of the app.

  • Design

Our qualified designers know how to make a first impression. The design will be based on wireframes to present the story and idea of the app on the screen in the nearest future.

  • Progress

Our process of the web or mobile application development allows customers to review the work and check what stage the process is at.

  • Quality Insurance

We will test the app after each stage to improve its functioning. Once the crafting implementation is done, we will prepare a Beta Build.

  • Launch

When the app is ready for launch, we will submit it to the App Store or give you recommendations according to distributing without our help.

  • Assistance

We offer 3 months fixing period without extra payment. We provide maintenance that includes updates, and a new version of the app.


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