Enola Labs

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1. About Enola Labs Visit Website

Enola Labs is a company dealing with digital goods. This company solves various business needs of the companies, which are connected with usage of all the most up-to-date technologies in the web and mobile areas.

The company is situated in Austin, Texas State, USA. For today it operates both with leaders of the market which have already entered the Fortune 500 list and those who only began their activities on the market.

The main purpose of the company is to deliver high-quality goods in due time and according to the company’s budget. To assure such results the company cooperates with their permanent in-house engineers who work together in one and the same environment and have their common aims.

The applications published by Enola Labs have been created with good design, well-structured architecture, and thought-out aims. The company operates with experts of Android, iOS and javascript platforms. Their employees have rich knowledge of work with various servers and backend development. Thanks to such high qualifications the company has the opportunity to fulfill any technical order for different kinds of application development.

2. Enola Labs Services

Enola Labs specialize in:

  • strategy
  • architecture of the solution
  • UX/UI design
  • quality assurance
  • launch of the product
  • marketing of application

The experts of the company already have experience in working for the most various business areas, such as healthcare, education, finance, energy and government.

To build the most appropriate product they take into account organization structure, strategic purposes and current assets of the client. They also take into account results of their previous projects and improve them for a long term success.

The technical group of Enola Labs has dozens of years in creating software and solutions even for the most advanced companies. It practices all the most effective methods it accumulated with years of practice. All the results are provided with successive perspective for the future times.


3. Enola Labs Special Features

The company has two strong sides which would become features of great use for their customers.

  1. Enola Labs works with big data. This service brings great results for the clients. At the same time, it requires great efforts from the specialists to systematize information. Clients should work with well-experienced specialists to structure their data. Enola’s experts know how to collect all the pieces of the data into one formatted picture which lets one use all the basis effectively.

  3. The company is strong in both front- and back-end development. Enola Labs’ team knows all the latest technologies of HTML/CSS, PHP, javascript and other the most spread frameworks. All the products they produce must be user-friendly and have clear functionality. Such results can be reached only thanks to rich experience and permanent update of knowledge.

4. Enola Labs Development Process

In relation to the development process Enola Labs would suggest its 5 strongest sides:

  1. The Architecture Team combines architecture of business, its technical and solution sides, and assures correspondence of the clients’ tactical purposes and their practical execution. Since all the experts of the company have experience in various areas, every case of the clients will be provided with the most appropriate design and functionality.

  3. The Process Team of experts prefers to orient on quality during all the process of work. They don’t expect to get it only in the end.

  5. The Engineering Team has rich experience in Front- and Back-End Development both for iOS and Android. They produce easy-to-use products which usually have higher implementation levels.

  7. The Innovation Team can work both on the improvement of the previous products of the clients and create completely new technologies. Even if they need to create something practically impossible they accept the task and generate the most creative solutions.

  9. The Marketing Team of the company is strong in competitive analysis, software analysis, constructing of road maps for new strategies, launch or optimization of the product and other marketing needs. They can cover all these issues from the idea and until implementation.

To find more information about the company, you can look through their website enolalabs.com. You will find there samples of their previous projects, their team and their development process in details.



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