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1. About Dom & Tom Visit Website

Dom & Tom is a studio which creates end-to-end digital products. Currently, it has offices in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. The company cooperates with clients of different levels, including young start-ups and solid enterprises. All the technologies created for the clients go in complete accordance with their company’s strategies. The company is working in conditions of permanent cooperation with clients. They pay great attention to positive user experience and good design of the product. All the apps are developed both for web and mobile applications.

2. Dom & Tom Services

The company provides 4 main services.

  • 1. Research and Discovery. The well-tried research methodologies and wide experience of the experts let the company find all the necessary information to create the most appropriate strategy to rich success.
  • 2. UX Strategy and Design. The company’s designers and developers create products of the highest quality. They support permanent contact with their clients during all the process of development. Their user-oriented approach helps to develop much better results for the clients.
  • 3. Engineering. Dom & Tom doesn’t concentrate on narrow solutions and does not try to be experts only in certain areas. Instead, they develop goods with various characteristics and allow their clients to achieve their business purposes.
  • 4. Quality Assurance and Deployment. The company has already developed more than 250 products. Their experts are dedicated to creating goods of the highest quality. The products will be ready for the launch as soon as their QA department proves that all the parts are ready and don’t need any improvement.

3. Dom & Tom Development Process.

The development process of the company includes three main stages which are necessary to assure high-quality product.

  • 1. First of all, Dom & Tom company begins with a research and planning stage. They ask numerous questions to their clients. They combine a new working team which includes both their experts and the ones of their client’s to organize a mutual road to the company’s business goals. Then, they start with creative offers.
  • 2. Implementing the plan. Every client has different purposes, resources, and time limits. This is why the company adjusts its plans to certain frameworks of time and budget. They work both on Agile or Scrum basis, but they always predetermine certain features of the product. If they work on the Agile basis, then they first define the necessary functionality by testing both the user and the market needs and only after that they develop the product.
  • 3. Technology and solution. After we finish with a strategy, we group information in diagrams. If these diagrams are approved they become the basis for each segment of your application.
  • 4. The last stage is work on visual design. They work on it in full accordance with desires of the stakeholders, research of user preferences, and analysis of the main competitors. The team develops all the images, styles and color palettes in accordance with preferences of the clients.

To find more details about Dom & Tom company, you can visit their website, where you will find information as to their partners and clients.


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