Blue Rocket

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1. About Blue Rocket Visit Website

Blue Rocket is an American company which is now famous all over the world due to its unique mobile products. It was created in San Francisco, California, and it still has its headquarter there. The team consists less than of 50 people but all of them are great professionals and specialists in what they do. They create special units for their customers and receive their admiration in return. Such well-known brands as Chipotle, Zinio, WebMD and Hal Leonard are regular and thankful clients of Blue Rocket. It helps them to run their businesses and to profit.

New mobile ideas, applications, technologies and strategies are born every day in the sacred office of San Francisco. The brilliant team offers complex solutions for Android, iOS and responsive web applications which are held by robust server infrastructure. Blue Rocket also provides post launch maintenance support.


At the head of the whole business are two partners – J. Taylor and D. Foote. In 1996 both of them worked for Pacific Gas & Electric company, California, where they were laying a new gas pipeline. The scheme they used is still in use nowadays. Jess Taylor and David Foote in their thoughts were really involved in mobile technologies and in 2008 when the Apple SDK was opened, they chose to come together and to conquer the turbulent internet world with their innovative projects and mobile applications. They decided to work for their clients and did it.

2. Blue Rocket Services

A number of services the company renders: Application Development, Web Products Creation, Concept Progress, Customer Support Experience, Marketing Projects, Natural Android App Project, Natural iOS App Project, Prototypes, Bluetooth iBeacons, Geo-fencing, Server and API Interactions, Monetization Policy, Applications Evaluation.

3. Blue Rocket Development Process

1. Come up with a considered approach or with a slight idea. Blue Rocket will learn it inside and out, polish it and will write a specification.

2. Creation of model set. At this step customer’s torrent and application usage should be known.

3. External view is thoroughly thought over. Along with that icons, concept, graphics and so on are designed.

4. Stage of coding the applications and units of server side to make them become functional.

5. Bugs hunting. Testers identify the smallest defects and check each concrete unit of the system.

6. Correction work. All the mistakes are corrected to a dot and the product becomes ready for release.


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