Big Nerd Ranch

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1. About Big Nerd Ranch Visit Website

The company was founded in 2001 by Aaron Hillegass, whose interest in programming and outstanding skills further developed into creating a unique company, which offers consulting and training services around the world. Big Nerd Ranch not only creates high quality products but also hold bootcamps for others to improve their skills. occupies leading positions not only as big nerd ranch ios developers but also as writers of training literature on big nerd ranch android and ios programming.

2. Big Nerd Ranch  Services:

App Development

This big nerd ranch review is created to give customers additional information on the company, although there are probably not many people who haven’t heard of They possess lots of benefits which should definitely be mentioned:

  • Cross-platform collaboration. ios programming big nerd ranch is easily combined with android big nerd ranch development. The team uses swift big nerd ranch, which has gained solid positions among programming languages.
  • No outsourcing. Big nerd ranch ios programming is taking place in the office, not on the freelance market.
  • Big Nerd Ranch developers and designers are also trainers and authors, who participate and give big nerd ranch ios and big nerd ranch android classes.
  • All big nerd ranch solutions take into account customers’ needs and requirements. Everything is tailored to personal goals and the whole team works to deliver high quality products.

 3. Big Nerd Ranch  Development Process

Our big nerd ranch review aims to give the customers’ detailed information on the development process, so that android and ios big nerd ranch programming could be understandable to potential clients.

The first and one of the most important steps is the discovery phase, which is used to understand all the goals and aims of the company. When all the preparations are done and the customer receives a blue print of the structure, all departments of start working on their own tasks:

  • On this stage the visual part of the app is conducted. It includes all the logos, interface details and screens of the app. On this stage the team designs the user interface and engage the resources if the server component is involved. All additional features, required by the project, are applied and prototypes are constantly sent to the customer, so that they can make changes and notes if needed.
  • When everything is done, testers check the app in various circumstances to find bugs and possible errors. When they are found and fixed, the app is ready to get started. On this stage the customer creates a developer’s account and starts market submission of the app.

This big nerd ranch review was created to give a deeper look at the company, its methods and key points. They emphasize that all the developers and designers are highly-professional specialists, who write best-sellers and teach others, which is a big bonus for the company.


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