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1. About Arctouch Visit Website

Arctouch is the advanced app development companies that is located in San Francisco, United States. The business idea was found by Eric Shapiro and Adam Fingerman in 2008. Both wanted to create and develop applications and meet users’ demands. Nowadays, the team consists of 100 talented strategists, engineers, and designers. Arctouch serves about 150 clients at the moment.

The key element of the company’s success is to know what connects brands and customers. When clients install the app, they start building a relationship with a brand. That’s why creating exciting and unique applications for mobile phones is essential. Apart from mobile phones, Arctouch develops apps for all types of devices to make a stronger bond between brands and their clients. However, it takes a thoughtful process that needs each company professional’s effort.

2. Arctouch Services:

We create custom applications for phones, tablets, TVs, watches, wearables, homes and cars.

  • Phone and Tablets

IOS, Android, Window, PlackBerry

  • TVs

Apple, Android, and Fire TV, Chromecast

  • Watches and Wearables

Apple Watch, Google Gear, Pebble, Olio, Google Glass and Cardboard, Samsung VR

  • Home and Car

Apple HomeKit, Google Brillo, Apple CarPlay, Microsoft Sync, Honeywell TotalConnect, Philips Hue

Arctouch provides creating apps from the scratch according to your business requirements. We offer a smart strategy, rely on the user experience, create an amazing design, engineer, test, and maintain the app.

  • Smart strategy

We start working on your order by doing a research. We have workshops that help us to create a long-term strategy and the app’s minimum viable product.

  • Design and User Experience

We craft exciting visual effects to satisfy our clients’ expectations. We build a visual history that delivers the message to users.

  • Engineering

The engineering process includes building, testing and issuing the app at different platforms. Our successful experience with popular platforms allows us to launch highly effective applications.

  • Maintenance

Arctouch team offers a lifecycle management to benefit the quality of the app.

3. Arctouch Development Process

Our work process starts from learning about your business. We create a conception, streamline the design, and develop the application to meet your company’s needs. Arctouch provides everyday feedback according to the work process. We will provide video screenshots to show you the result at each stage. We can’t forget to mention the quality: the automated tests and integration drives assure the best quality of our efforts.


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