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1. About Appster Visit Website

Appster is a world-known Australian software developing company which collaborates with entrepreneurs, startups and new firms to make ‘game-changer’ applications.

Nowadays Appster is constantly growing mobile studio which is highly valued by its clients and regularly written about in the media. The company has four offices in three countries: in San Francisco and New York (USA), in Melbourne (Australia), in Gurgaon (India). About 500 employees are a part of Appster staff in those offices but still the company doesn’t use outsourcing.

All the workers are first-class specialists who were chosen among thousands due to special skills, intelligence, experience and following latest tendencies of web and mobile market. Appster team is its treasure and its model representatives are Chief Technology Officer with more than 20 years of experience, managers with the founding Chief Financial Officer and Former Virgin Australia Chief Customer Officer.

Appster always welcomes working with new clients and is ready to develop something incredible.

2. Appster Services:

Appster will be glad to invite new customer to use its service and products. They offer all the manipulations connected with application development and design, iOS and Android, mobile and web sphere, products management, quality security, I.P., customer experience.

3. Appster Development Process.

Appeal to Appster strategy, framework and development services to realize the mobile application business plan:

  • Mobile application strategy. Strategy services are offered by operation staff starting with 4-day definition workshop.
  • Mobile application framework. Individual modern design to make one use the application with the closed eyes.
  • Mobile application development. The best specialists of iOS and Android directions will build a top-class application.
  • Post release. When the application is finally done, it can be used safely because the support team will make it work perfectly.


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