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1. About AppSquare Visit Website

AppSqure is an applications development company. It is situated in Parramatta city, Australia. For today the company has employed about 150 developers. All together they have launched more than 400 applications. The experts of the company can work on various platforms. This list includes Android, iOS, Windows, HTML 5 Hybrid and Blackberry.

2. AppSquare Services

There are two main services the company offers to its clients:

  1. Development of games.
  2. Development of mobile applications.

AppSquare experts consider all the concept of the future product. They never concentrate on any narrow particular features. Instead, they take into account future design, technical peculiarities, and all the other features which influence the success of the product.

The team pf specialists always begin their work with investigation of the present state their clients have. They ask what kind of product the company needs, what purposes should be gained, what budget is available. After the team analyzes all the possible alternatives, they take a decision with the client and begin creating the project with the most suitable features and within the exact budget of the company.

The company has gathered all the team they might need to create various games or applications. They create products in a group of designers, writers, artists, animators, and other experts whose expertise can be necessary to create a worthy product. Moreover, these specialists are used to working with various data bases, such as iOS, Android, Kinect, Steam, PlayStation and Xbox.

3. AppSquare Development Process

The process of creation includes three main steps:

  1. Strict planning. AppSquare writes down the first draft of the actions, agree it with the client and only then they begin working and create their first trial products.
  2. Software development, which is done by the most experienced professionals only.
  3. Products launch. If it is necessary the company’s team operates in 24/7 schedule to produce the best result without any bugs.

If you would like to collect more data about the company, visit their website There you will find all the information about the team of experts and their previous products as well as information about their partners.


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