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 1. About Agriya Visit Website is an Indian-based development company with more than 150 professionals located in two offices across the country. It was founded in 2000 and has experienced a rapid growth throughout the years. Constant expansion of employees and offices improves the quality for their services and gives them a chance to occupy firm positions on the market.

This review wants to familiarize the reader with the company and give an overall idea of their culture, services and strengths. Of course, every company has similar qualities, but tries to stand out from the rest and say that they have a closely-knit staff and their programmers are constantly learning. We hope that our agriya review will give some extra information in addition to other agriya reviews.

2. Agriya Services:

The company develops applications for such platforms as iOS, Android and Windows, delivering high-quality services on creating the app. Hopefully this review will help you to learn more about the services their offer.

  • Mobile App Development can work with various platforms using multiple languages:

  • iOS development, using Objective-C, Swift and Xcode;
  • Windows development, written on C++, VB and C#;
  • Android development, using such languages as C, C++ and Java;
  • Cross Platform development when the app requires various platforms.

Reading other agriya reviews you can see how diverse the skills of their developers are, which distinguishes them from the rest.

  • Front End Development

In this agriya review we want to pay attention of the users to the fact that the company has a strong culture and they not only work on the project, but also make everything possible to provide the customer with first-class products using HTML 5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Front end development includes multiple steps to deliver beautiful products with outstanding graphical features, compatible with all sorts of devices.

  • Back End Development

The team of skilled developers performs first class services on creating websites and apps which are highly competitive on the market. With the use of open source platforms, back-end developers deliver high quality services and correspond with all the requirements.

  • SaaS Application Development

Agriya gives their customers a chance to keep all sorts of data on the ‘cloud’, not depending on the system they use. They can access the cloud and change the information without any limits.

  • Hire a Dedicated Developer Service

The company offers a client to choose the developer, who corresponds with all the needs of the project. There is nothing more important than having a right person on a right place, and agriya reviews confirm that.

  • Internet / Digital Marketing provides additional services on internet marketing: help the website occupy first positions in search panels and promote it in various social media pages. The company helps to increase the number of views and visitors.

  • Quality Assurance and Testing

The company uses only time-tested methods to deliver high-quality support and testing of every product. They help the customer to make the project more effective and protected for minimal costs.  Attention to details gives them a chance to provide outstanding results in creating websites and apps.

  • Maintenance and Customer Support

The support team works round the clock and is always ready to answer all the arising questions. Every case is treated individually, which gives maximum results in a long run.

3. Agriya Development Process

The development process consists of such steps as planning, design, development, testing, release and maintenance. Every team works on the separate stage giving the client an unlimited access to the process. When everything is ready, the product is released on the market and carefully maintained in order to improve the quality of provided services.

Agriya delivers high-quality services for a reasonable price and that is one of the reasons they occupy leading positions on the Indian market and want to introduce themselves to the global community.


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